Camping in Algonquin


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As previously mentioned, we went camping over the weekend at Algonquin Provincial Park.  We stayed at Rock Lake and we had a really great time.  The kids got a kick out of sleeping in the tents, especially Paige.  She absolutely loves tents and didn’t want to come home.

This was a common scene for us.  We saw many, many moose over the weekend.  This particular one didn’t mind visitors coming in close for a photograph.  The kids got very excited every time they saw a moose.  They kept their eyes open to the sides of the roads on a constant vigil to see yet another.

Although cousins, you would never know it because they often act like siblings.  They adore each other and love to play.  They also enjoy posing with hugs or holding hands.  It is really cute.  That redness under Paige’s nose is the remnants of a cold.  She rubs her nose roughly with tissues or her sleeve which leaves it rough and red.  :(

I’m not going to be sharing as many photos as I normally do, despite the fact that we got quite a number of great shots.  Sorry.  Paige is now over her cold but I’m in the middle of my sickness and just don’t feel up to a lengthy post.  I’ll close out this post with a few nature shots that my hubby took when they went on a hike (I stayed behind as I was feeling quite poorly so I rested in the tent).

A Prayer/Thought Request


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We were on our way home from a camping trip (post and photos to come later) when we received notice that some dear and long-time friends of ours had a tragedy while we were away.  Their beautiful little 5 year old son (the oldest of 3 siblings) was playing in his little sister’s bedroom when he somehow fell out of her 3rd-storey window and landed face first into the concrete below.  The good news is that his spinal cord does not seem to be injured but he does have a little bleeding in the front of his brain and has shattered his face in more than 20 places, including his forehead, both eye sockets, his cheeks and his wee nose.  He is still in the critical 48-72 hour window and can really use all the prayers and good thoughts that people can send.  This poor little guy is going to have a long road to recovery as he will require extensive facial reconstruction.

If you can find it in your hearts, could you keep little Desmond in your thoughts and/or prayers as well as his parents and the rest of his family as they deal with this horrific accident.  Thank you.

Sarah has set up a site at CaringBridge to keep us all updated on Desmond’s progress and it can be found here:

Spring Concert


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My daughter was in her first school concert tonight and she did great!  She really loved being on the stage.  She told me she wished it didn’t end.  Hehe.  The theme of this year’s concert was “One Hit Wonders”.  She danced in “It’s Raining Men”.  Below is the video of just the Kindergartners.  Paige’s part starts around 3:42.  She is the third girl (the tiny one in the middle of the group).  We are so proud of her.  ALL the kids did great.   They split up the concert into two parts and you could only get tickets for the part that your child was participating in.  We only got to see the first part which was JK-Grade 2.  Honestly, I don’t think there was an adult in the audience that didn’t have a perma-grin on their face the entire show.  Everyone was sooooo cute and the music was fantastic!

Finally Fixed!


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Since early February, my site has not been working.  On the front end that people see, it was fine but on the back end, I could not post.  My site, along with others hosted, were attacked by Russian group which rendered it unusable.  My husband had to go file-by-file through the back end to remove all the bad files through my blog, his blog, several message boards that he runs and some other websites that he runs.  Today, he finally got to mine and fixed it.  Yay!

I did finish the scarf and it came out so beautiful.  I can’t decide if I want to keep it for myself or give it as a gift.  I am thinking that I might make one for each of Paige’s teachers to give at the end of the school year.  They both knit so they’ll definitely appreciate the gift.

I attempted to make a pair of socks using this gorgeous yarn but sadly it didn’t work out.  This particular yarn had no stretch but I also had trouble with the gusset.  I gave up and decided I would try again later with a different type of yarn.  Maybe this summer it will make a good lakeside knitting project.

I haven’t been taking many photos.  Okay, I haven’t taken photos at all mostly because my blog has been down.  I have also been busy.  I don’t remember when it happened but I don’t think I blogged about it.  My daughter was advanced into the reading program in her Junior Kindergarten class so she has daily homework.  She brings home two “Sight Word” books every day that she has to read repeatedly until she can do it smoothly.  There is a whole sheet of techniques to use and it can be rather time consuming.  She is getting better at it but the first few weeks were rough.  She didn’t want to sit still long enough to read and she wasn’t really paying attention.  She is improving though.  She is learning that mommy won’t let her procrastinate or play.  When it is reading time she now understands that she must read and nothing else is allowed to distract her.

I am really proud of her.  She can now recognize many words on her own.  Trying to convince her to sound out the words is still difficult because she would much rather I tell her what the word is but she’s starting to “get it”.  In fact, the other night we were watching Undercover Boss and had to pause the program.  On her own, she sounded out the word ‘Boss’ which was very impressive because it was the first time she made an independent attempt without prompting.  So I think she is starting to realize that we aren’t making this stuff up, she really CAN figure out the word if she sounds out the letters and puts them together.  LOL.

In addition to the reading, she is also developing a very impressive vocabulary.  She’s always been ahead of the charts in terms of speech but some of the words she has been saying lately have really blown us away.  Words like “compromise”, “customized”, “complicated”, and a word she has been using for a very long time that she really loves to say is “imagination.”  Yesterday, at the family Easter celebration her little cousin was saying he saw an owl in all the trees and Paige told him that he was using his imagination too much.  LOL.

In more fun news, Paige has her first school concert coming up in about a week.  It is going to be super cute to see the Kindergartners dancing to songs like “Eye of the Tiger”, “It’s Raining Men” (Paige’s song), “I Want Candy”, “We’re Not Gonna Take It”, and “Hey Mickey”.  I’m borrowing a camcorder to record it.  We really can’t wait.  She has been showing us the dances and they are super cute!

Enough of an update!  I’ll shut up now.  LOL

Work in Progress


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I’m still working on the Irish Hiking Scarf and will be for a while so I doubt I’ll have any else happening until it is done.  I am one of those people who don’t keep a bunch of works in progress.  I generally try to stick to one or two projects at a time.  I currently have the scarf, three popsicle toys and a pair of pjs in progress.

This is my progress on the scarf as of this morning.  It is coming along, albeit slowly.  I generally only work on projects while Paige is sleeping because she is far too active during the day to get anything done.  The scarf is turning out beautifully.  I’m absolutely in love with it.  I usually give away most things or make them for my daughter but I think I might just keep this one for myself.  I haven’t decided yet.

I also have three popsicle toys crocheted.  All I need to do is stuff, sew shut and put on the face.  I really don’t know why I haven’t finished this yet.  It’s not like me to get it nearly done and then stop.  I’ve been having trouble focusing lately which leads to my last WIP.  I have a pair of fleece pj bottoms cut out but haven’t sewn them.  I decided that I want to embellish them before I sew them up but I can’t decide how I want to embellish them so they are sitting on my sewing desk waiting.  I can’t decide between a flower, a butterfly or a heart.  I do know that I’d like to use some sequins and that requires a trip to Michaels so it will be a while before that project gets finished.  Naturally, by the time I finish it the weather will likely be too warm for her to wear them.  LOL.  That sounds about par for the course.

Having three WIPs is a lot for me.  Hrm… well actually I have another WIP but I’ve shelved it for now.  The quilt using Papa’s clothes.  I have the shirts all cut up and ready but I’m struggling with continuing on it.  It is a very emotional project and too hard to work on right now.  I’ve put it on hold and I’ll see how I feel about it this summer or fall.  Every time I see the bags of fabric I get all misty-eyed and know it is too soon.