Irish Hiking Scarf – First Cable Project


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I decided last night that I wanted to learn to cable knit.  I absolutely love the amazing things that people create using that technique.  Cable knitting always scared me.  I felt very intimidated but I was determined that I would learn it.  I poked around on Ravelry last night and found a simple pattern that I thought I’d be able to do.  Success!

The picture is horrible because we were in the middle of a snow storm and the dark cloud cover wasn’t going to go away today so I had no choice but to shoot it indoors with a flash but you get the idea.  The pattern is Irish Hiking Scarf from Hello Yarn.  It really is an easy pattern.  There are only two rows to learn, they are repeated for 7 rows and on the 8th row you do the cabling.  The pattern is simple and easy to learn.  As you can see, I haven’t gotten very far yet but the results are amazing.  I can’t believe I did that!

I will try to get a better photo in a few days when the skies clear up but at least you can see the general idea.  Isn’t it beautiful though?  I can’t wait to try another BUT after this scarf is complete I am going to try my hand at knitting socks.  I’ve been wanting to try making socks for years.  I watched my friend Shannon knit socks often for her family and I was green with envy. (Be sure to check out her blog, she makes the most wonderful things)  She’s absolutely amazing with the stuff she creates.  I am eager to give it a try.  Tonight, I purchased two sets of DPNs and look forward to using them.  I’m no longer afraid of DPNs now that I’ve figured them out.

I recently knitted a hat and successfully used DPNs.  I was very proud of myself.  The hat looks great but the crown cut in too quickly so instead of being a hat for my daughter, it will be a hat for my friend’s baby but I’m still thrilled that I was able to finally “get it”.  I think I had trouble understanding it because using so many needles at once was intimidating.  Once I became determined to learn it, I smacked my forehead and called myself stupid.  LOL.  Learning the DPNs gave me the confidence to be willing to try more new things like cabling and socks.  New possibilities have opened up for me now and I have far too many things I want to make now; far more than I will ever have time for.

Chicken with Mustard Cream Sauce


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Anyone who knows me knows that I am a HUGE fan of Pioneer Woman and her recipes.  With that said, it should be no surprise that another recipe I am dying to try is another one of hers.

Yesterday, Ree posted a recipe for Chicken with a Mustard Cream Sauce and my mouth literally watered when I saw it and I was grabbing a tissue to wipe up the drool by the time I finished reading through the recipe.  YUM!

Does that look scrumptious?  I love a good Dijon recipe so I’m definitely going to have to try this.  I just need to buy some Brandy.  We don’t really keep alcohol in our house.  We always have rye available for when Grannie visits but that’s pretty much it.  I need to buy some Vodka anyway to make my own vanilla extract so maybe I’ll buy them both at the same time.

This has definitely been added to my “Recipes I Want To Try” list.

Crochet Toys


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This weekend, I had a lot of fun crocheting toys for my daughter.  She came to me and asked if I could make her a popsicle toy.  I tried to tell her that I wasn’t sure if I knew how.  She thought about it for a minute and then told me I had to try.

I started with this little green guy.  It wasn’t until I finished that I realized that I would have liked it better the other direction.  It looked upside-down to me.  Upon seeing it, my daughter announced that she needed more: blue, yellow, purple, pink and red.  Yikes!  That’ll keep me busy!  I found the free pattern on Ravelry.  I modified the pattern a little bit but at least it gave me an idea of what to do.  After seeing the pictures on the pattern, my daughter decided it needed cheeks.  I didn’t photograph the pictures of the cheeks I added to the green one but they are there.

Next, I made the blue one.  Paige picked out the yarn herself.  I like how this one turned out.  The shape was better, the mouth looked a little better too.  My only disappointment with it are the eyes.  I accidentally sewed one one backwards.  Oops!  Thankfully, my daughter doesn’t care.  She loves it.

As soon as I finished the blue popsicle toy, Paige immediately started asking about the yellow one.  I made 4 attempts with the yellow one but had to give up for the day.  Every time I tried counting stitches, my daughter would come “help” me but she would go too fast and cause me to lose count.  HAHA.  I had to take it apart so many times I gave up temporarily.

Around 4pm, my daughter developed a fever.  She had a nasty cough all day but it turned into something terrible by the late afternoon.  I spent the evening taking care of her, my poor thing.  After she was in bed, I ended up working on a completely different project.  I found a tutorial for a really adorable Amigurumi Tea Cup Pincushion and decided to give it a try.

I absolutely love how it turned out.  It’s soooo cute!  Unfortunately, my daughter found it on my desk this morning and confiscated it for herself so I removed the pins and now it is her newest toy.  LOL.

Fifteen minutes after confiscating the pincushion, she began asking me about the yellow popsicle.  *sigh*  I guess it is time for me to get back to work.

Crochet Issues


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I’ve been crocheting for over a year but I’ve only been able to make hats.  I have made more than 50 hats for Paige, myself, family, friends and the NICU dept.  Crocheting in the round has not been a problem.  What HAS been a problem is crocheting a square.  All my squares for the past year have ended up looking like triangles because I kept dropping a stitch at the beginning or end of every row.  I tried over and over again to figure out what I have been doing wrong without success.  I am totally self-taught.  I learned from YouTube videos.  My mom tried to help me when she was here a couple years ago but she couldn’t see what I was doing wrong.

I’ve made lots of blankets in the past but they’ve all been knitted because I didn’t know how to crochet a square or rectangle.  However, all of a sudden I was sitting at my desk and I had an “ah-ha” moment.  It just clicked!  I ran downstairs, pulled out my crochet hook and my yarn and tried again.  To my utter surprise, it worked!  I thought it was a fluke so I pulled it apart and tried again and it worked.  I went to bed and tried again this morning and YES!!!  I still was able to do it.  I don’t know why it suddenly clicked but it did and here is the proof:

The photo looks a bit wonky because the ends were curling but I assure you that my lines are straight and my rows have the correct number of stitches.  I now have a hot pad or pot holder.  Yay!  I’m so very excited!  This means I can now crochet blankets which I have been dying to do.  Crocheted blankets are definitely much faster to make than knitted ones.  This does not mean I’ll stop knitting blankets.  What this means is that I have a whole new world of patterns and possibilities that have opened up for me with making them.  I’m so glad it finally “clicked” in my brain.

Now please excuse me while I resume my happy dance.

Braid Wrapped Bun


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I haven’t really been doing a lot of new styles with Paige’s hair lately.  It’s winter and that means hats.  Hats mean destruction of all that work of styling.  I’ve pretty much been keeping it with simple braids, single, double, french and double french.  However, my sister-in-law had a birthday a week ago and we decided to style Paige’s hair for the party.

Here we are, the Braid Wrapped Bun as seen at Princess Hairstyles:

It looks pretty close to what the website shows.  I didn’t have the video tutorial running while I was doing it.  I watched the video the night before and was trying to do it by memory because we were rushing to get out the door.  I think I did an okay job of replicating it though.  I’ll do better next time.  It was pretty quick to do and was a big hit with the family.

Come springtime, I’ll be styling her hair more often again.  It just doesn’t seem worth it to style it then put a winter hat over top.  She usually rips the hat off her head when she gets to school and ruins any style I do and bobby pins tend to get stuck in the hats and fall out as soon as she takes the hat off.