Snuggly Owl Pillow


Posted by Boosie | Posted in Paige, Personal, Sewing | Posted on 28-05-2011

It always feels good to cross items off your To-Do list.  It feels even better to see the excitement and joy that appears on my daughter’s face when I make something she really loves.

I’ve had a pattern for a Snuggly Owl Pillow from Make It and Love It sitting in a folder on my computer since December.  On the same day that she heard an owl hooting in our backyard, I was going through the folder to decide what items I wanted to add to my current To-Do list.  She saw the picture of the pillow on the pdf and insisted that I make it bigger.  As soon as she saw it she insisted that I make it for her.  Then, as the fleece was coming in that my mom purchased for me and she was getting excited about the Angry Bird plushies, she noticed one of the packages has purple and light green fleece.  Upon seeing that fleece she instantly declared that it was to be used for her Snuggly Owl Pillow.  Honestly, my daughter continually amazes me.

It was my absolute pleasure to be able to make this pillow for her.  I finished it last night around 1am and placed it in a location she’d see when she woke up.  She came running into our bedroom this morning full of excitement and woke me up with a kiss and then bounced on me and said “I love my owl pillow.  You finished it and I’m so happy.”  I’ll happily wake up to that, even if it was an hour before we all normally wake up.  Kisses and Thank you’s always make a day begin wonderfully.

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