Bundled Braids


Posted by Boosie | Posted in Paige | Posted on 04-10-2011

Using the tutorial from “Adopt A Do”, I put Paige’s hair up in a Bundled Braids style yesterday.  It was a big hit, not just with Paige but with her teacher, as well.  I really liked it and plan to style her hair this way again.

Sorry for the flash photography when I take photos of her hair but it’s early morning and the sun is barely up so I have no choice.  By the time she comes home from school, it doesn’t look as crisp and clean as when I first style it.

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Cute! I’m glad Paige lets you style her hair! All the girls in my family will let you style it, but almost immediately take it down. :( So frustrating so we don’t even bother most of the time! lol

You better believe I will be styling Sophia’s hair though! I LOVE to play with hairstyles. I even took Cosmetology all 4 years of high school. Never went to school for it afterward maybe one day I will get to finish and have a great career.

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