Pretzel Bites


Posted by Boosie | Posted in Personal | Posted on 12-10-2011

I came across a recipe for pretzel bites on Pinterest from Dine and Dish and pinned it to my food board.  Today, I decided to try making them.  I’ve heard a lot of horror stories about making pretzels but I really wanted to give it a try.  This recipe is very easy and very tasty.  I’m not sure I’d say it tastes like the mall pretzels but it is very delicious.

I ended up cooking them for one minute less because they were coming out too brown at 8 minutes.  I used melted butter and topped mine with coarse kosher salt.  My husband used melted butter and topped his with garlic powder and dipped his in marinara sauce.  Both ways are scrumptious.

I made this batch in my bread machine like the recipe called for but I also saw that someone posted saying she used her Kitchenaid and the dough hook for 5 minutes.  I’ll try that next time.  The recipe was super easy and only used a few ingredients.  It came out pretty sticky but I counteracted that by kneading in more flour into the dough.  One thing to note is that they don’t expand as they cook so don’t make the bites too small.  What you see is the size they will be, so keep that in mind as you roll the ropes and cut the bites, or twist into pretzel shapes.

Not only will I be making this recipe again, I’ll also be adding it to the list of appetizers I serve at the Christmas Eve family party we will hosting at our house this year.  Yum!

Now, if you will excuse me, I am headed back downstairs to snag a few more pretzel bites before my family eats them all up.

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So glad you enjoyed them! That’s one of my favorite recipes.

Those look yummy!! :-D They would also be pretty good dipped in melted butter with a little garlic powder mixed in. Yuuuummm!!

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